we are artist centric - artist run label

we are full service brand drivers

we partner only with the exceptional

we are event and culture marketers

we connect artists with technologists

we are price-flexible with revenue streams

we are cross promotional

we diversify music placement

we are partners not owners

we help shape artists pathways


Evolver Music Inc, is a music production and content company located in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2005 by music industry veteran and singer-songwriter Betty Moon as a platform to create cutting edge music and content targeted to the mainstream. Evolver operates as a hybrid music production company, artist development, record label, marketing house, music publisher and incubator, specializing in the development of a select group of artists, writers and producers.

Moon initially formed Evolver Music as a label to house the re-release of multiple previous albums and singles from her discography. Soon after, the company recruited key staff to bring artist development, music licensing, video production, marketing and other critical A&R services under one roof. Over the years Moon and her team have developed multiple successful songwriters, released award-winning albums and have secured dozens of prominent film and television spots through licensing efforts.